An Evolving Life. Family Outing.

An Evolving Life. Family Outing.

Family Outing

As Autumn finally started to set in this past week with chilly nights and vivid skies, I marveled at the spectacular light that arrives on schedule each year here on the East End. These thoughts were also prompted by this image, Family Outing, taken at the end of September while on an outing with students in my current workshop, “Beyond The Snapshot,” sponsored by the Center Moriches Library and funded by a NYSCA grant.

After a lecture at the library about depth of field, we ventured nearby to experiment at Kaley’s Pond. Expecting mostly water, sky, and a few spectators as subjects, we were surprised to find a bevy of swans congregated near the shore.

Snapping away, we crouched down on all fours as they floated here and there, preened themselves, spread their wings, and basically traipsed about haphazardly. Gradually, however, as the sun dipped behind the trees and the light grew more intense, they began to pose for us. Then as if they were performing their finale, this family of four spread out on its own and fell in line.

Days later while editing these images, I marveled again at the quality of the autumn light. What makes it so spectacular? After a bit of research, I found out that as the days get shorter, the sun’s path literally sinks lower to the horizon creating a more dramatic angle of light. Furthermore, because there’s less humidity in the Fall, there’s less moisture and less haze in the sky. Thus, a crystal clear view.

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Family Outing

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