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About Us

Hummingbirdpost is the creative product of 20 years in marketing and communications, a lifetime study of human nature and life, and my being fortunate enough to have a circle of interesting friends, family members, and colleagues.  When we get together we laugh about life’s absurdities (and pitfalls) and recount and question the phases of our journey.  We talk about the ideas, things, and people that influence our lives.  This got me thinking about how it would be both fun and informative to expand our conversation through a blog that would allow more of us to share a broader range of perspectives; and explore opportunities to make our life experiences richer and fuller.  

Near and dear to many of us is the Emerging Writers section, where we will highlight and publish new work. 

More About Us

I would be remiss if I did not say that a driving motivator for my decision to publish a blog is some great advice I got from my brother Jeff, whose life and death has inspired me to do this.  “You can’t work all the time—but if working is what you are doing, make it something that excites you.  Take time to smell the roses and to do things that are important to you.  Share as much as you can.”

So my friends, here it is, thehummingbirdpost, my time to share the best in life as I know it, and the things and people that make me happy.

What’s with the hummingbird?

OK, another thing Jeff told me is to look to nature for “the answers.”  I try—but I recognize that I look too literally for the larger meaning.  What I have found is that nature shows us just how broad and complex life is.  Sometimes what appear to be unrelated parts, surprisingly fit together, and are not unrelated at all!  Quite frankly, pretty much next to nothing is what I’ve expected.   At the same time, the image of a hummingbird continually returns to my mind.  I think it’s the hummingbird’s small size, strength and determination, its ability to go this way and that flapping its wings like 50 times a second, and its long slender beak that reaches deep into the most beautiful flower to sip the sweetest nectar.  It struck me that this is us!  This is exactly what we are trying to do as the best possible abstractions of ourselves.  We too are just a tiny part of nature, and when we allow ourselves, we are also able move in many directions and find the most beautiful things.  And, like the hummingbird, we are able to meet our challenges with a ferocity that defies all odds, while still making time to hover—in a good way—sipping the sweetness of life.  So it seems that the hummingbird is the metaphor for this blog about life, and quite possibly reflects the best parts of each of us.   While I’m still looking and learning, the sight lines are much improved from this new vantage point.  Thanks Jeff.

The Team: Our Contributors and Authors

Sandra K. Novick, Founder, Editor, Blogger

Angela M. Rieck, Associate Editor, Blogger, Emerging Writer

Alex Ferrone

Ann V. Pogue

Barry Novick

Donna Wetjen

Janet Greenfield

Janet T. Verneuille

John Miller, DVM

Lynda Bernard

Mary Ann DiLorenzo

Meryl Spiegel

Nicole Emmi

Raina Rubin

Sarah Ehrenson

Tina Folks

Tony Meisel

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