An Evolving Life. Trapped.

An Evolving Life. Trapped.


Like most women these days, I often find myself obsessing about my diet and exercise. Embarrassing, but true. Since March, in fact, I’ve been on the Keto diet which eradicates sugar from your system. That means very little carbs and no sweets except berries.

As a result, I’ve been craving the sweetness of lobster, a low-calorie protein I’m allowed to eat! Unusual since it’s never been at the center of my food universe. Normally I’m hankering for hot fudge sundaes or dark chocolate with nuts.

Coinciding with my recent love of lobster, my husband and I happened to visit friends in Gloucester, Massachusetts on the coast of Cape Ann for the first time last weekend. As we walked, biked, and kayaked around, my eye kept gravitating to the bright yellow lobster traps piled wherever I looked. They were stacked on rocks, docks, wharfs, sidewalks, even on front lawns.

So here’s Trapped taken on Bradley Wharf in nearby Rockport which houses Motif #1—the red fishing shack that is “the most often-painted building in America.” As we slurped bowls of steaming New England clam chowder, I was much more interested in the kaleidoscope of colors and inner workings of the lobster traps piled high before me.


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Father's Day. Whatever it takes. I can handle it.

Father's Day. Whatever it takes. I can handle it.

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