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While watching the NBC Nightly News last week, I heard there is a new study reporting that Americans are experiencing higher levels of stress, anger, and worry than ever before. Also, that we are among the most stressed people in the world.

It’s no wonder considering our current political situation and the pressures of our work/lifestyle accelerated by smart phones, laptops and social media. It’s also no wonder that we are finding it more and more difficult to sleep through the night, take time off for vacations, or just take a break for lunch or perhaps, even some time to do nothing. Yes, I mean nothing.

Just before turning on the television that evening, I had completed this watercolor that I’m now calling Siesta. While working on this 12”x16” piece as a study for a much larger work, I had no idea that it could be a metaphor for our times. A universal cry from our collective subconscious, a yearning for the rest we all need.

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? It’s still a compelling question. And when it keeps recurring, somehow I feel like I’m getting somewhere. And then, I know it’s a good time to take a break or even a long siesta...

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