An Evolving Life.  2018

An Evolving Life is a Hummingbird series in which Meryl Spiegel shares her journey to becoming the creative person that was hidden within herself for so long. Meryl chose this image, Warm Seas, from her SPLASH series, to represent An Evolving Life.

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Warm Seas

An Evolving Life Series, 2018 Posts

Doctor's Wife.

Looking After Us.

When You Least Expect It.

Angel or Demon?




In the Moment.

Freak Flag.

Sacred Monsters.




No Wonder Why

Can't Stay Dry

Beyond the Quick Fix

Black & Blue: How to Heal

For Herself Or For Him

Hope for What’s Next

Time To Smell The Leaves

The Holiday Blues

The Strength of No


Editor's Note

I have had the good fortune of knowing Meryl Spiegel for many years.  We met during my BNB days when she was referred to me as a resource for a specific type of photography I was searching for.  I also knew her as a writer.  Over the years, I have been impressed with Meryl’s talent and creativity, and the honesty of her work.  When Meryl began to sketch, paint, work with pastels, she truly overlaid one talent on top of another. The layers were intriguing. I reached out to Meryl recently because I thought that the Hummingbird audience would appreciate her work, and value her process.  They say that timing is everything, and in this case it was, because Meryl was thinking about not only “showing” her work, but writing about it too.  In our new series, An Evolving Life, Meryl will share the stages, challenges, and meaning of her art, and the journey that coincides with the pieces she highlights.  Sandra Novick

Link here to galleries of Meryl Spiegel's work on her website and on instagram

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An Evolving Life. Think Spring.

An Evolving Life. Think Spring.

Recipe. You Won't Want to Miss This!

Recipe. You Won't Want to Miss This!