An Evolving Life. Becoming Fierce.

An Evolving Life. Becoming Fierce.

Becoming Fierce

Over the past month, I’ve been slowly developing this pastel figure, Tatiana, the latest addition to my Fishnet series. As I worked on her face for hours, I realized that she was different from those who came before her.

Facing forward, she is fiercely colorful and not afraid to show it. Yet in her eyes and her graceful twist, there is a calm confidence that I find comforting.

I ask myself, where did she come from? Hopefully from the not-too-distant future. Yet certainly not from our time when women continue to struggle to make their way, to find the right balance between work, home and play; and to attain equality in a world that still favors men.

Just when we think we’ve made progress, we need to get back to work! That’s what Gloria Steinem proclaimed when I was privileged to speak with her during the Talking Circle after her Off-Broadway show “Gloria: A Life” in January.

Recently Women’s Issues have been slapping me in the face, challenging me to assert myself in ways that still make me cringe and feel uncomfortable. I continue to learn that fierceness is most effective when applied gently with patience and without aggression. Not an easy task.

On a number of fronts, professional, political and personal, I have had to stand up to men and even other women to be heard. Sometimes they hear me, sometimes not. But I have spoken my truth and broken through the Fear that we all encounter on the way to becoming Fierce.

If you find yourself challenged to stand up for yourself or to just say NO when you mean NO, take a chance on becoming more comfortable with becoming Fierce. We welcome you to share your experience in the comments section below, or please email me directly by clicking here.

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