An Evolving Life. Sea Change.

An Evolving Life. Sea Change.

Sea Change

As the weather finally heats up after a very wet Spring on the East End, I find myself thinking about the Sea. One block from my home for almost 30 years, I feel privileged to live so close. Lucky to be able to walk down the street and gaze across Shinnecock Bay on clear days. Fortunate to savor the moon’s reflection as it stretches toward me on clear nights.

Yet in recent years, the sea—my source of inspiration and relaxation—frightens me. When Hurricane Sandy reached our shores six years ago, I moved my computer, my photography, my artwork, my keepsakes, anything I cared about to the second floor, certain this was “it.” The first in an endless wave of storms that would eventually wipe us out. But somehow we were spared, while ironically The Jersey Shore, where I was raised, suffered the most.

And yes, as June marks the beginning of Hurricane Season, I still harbor those fears. Something, however, has shifted recently. This month the New York State Senate passed one of the most ambitious pieces of legislation to slow global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Moreover, many of the Democratic candidates for President are making Climate Change a key component of their campaigns. Suddenly, there seems to be some hope…

Here’s Sea Change, an image that’s part of my SPLASH series reflecting my thoughts and feelings about Climate Change. Although I created most of these images several years ago, it seems that the world is finally ready to see them. And to heed the warning that came through me as I wrote the artist statement that these sights, these phenomena may become mere memories, simply souvenirs if we don’t savor and preserve what we take for granted each moment here on planet Earth.

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Sea Change

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