Recipe.  You Won't Want to Miss This!

Recipe. You Won't Want to Miss This!

The Perfect Bloody Mary

Agreed, after reading Nicole Emmi’s beautiful story, The Sweetness of Sundays, we found ourselves thinking about special Sundays, but also thirsting for a good Bloody Mary, right? Here is Hummingbird’s own fail proof, delicious, yes “PERFECT” Bloody Mary recipe. Please feel free to post your favorite ingredients in the comment section below. We really want to know!!

For each glass:
Tomato juice, approx. 4 oz., or amount to fill glass as noted below
Fresh lime, or lemon if preferred, ¼ for each glass, plus one round for garnish
Vodka (your favorite, ours is Grey Goose), 1-2 shots based on size of glass, and as preferred
Horseradish (white), 1 heaping teaspoon without liquid
Celery stalks, cut in half lengthwise and in half or thirds widthwise, one per glass
Hot pepper sauce (use your favorite; Tabasco is always good), 2-3 shakes per glass
Plenty of ice

In a shaker or pitcher, add tomato juice, vodka, horseradish; mix together

Prepare glass(es)—fill half way with ice and add one piece of celery; making sure celery is long enough to extend above the lip of the glass (so you can use it to stir before eating!).

Pour in liquid to 2/3 full, squeeze lime or lemon juice on top and add shakes of hot pepper sauce.

Mix ingredients together with celery stalk. Finish by adding more ice, and a lime (or lemon) round to sit on the rim.

An Evolving Life. Siesta.

An Evolving Life. Siesta.

Musings & Threads.  The Sweetness of Sundays.

Musings & Threads. The Sweetness of Sundays.