Emerging Writers. One Dark Night, by Mary Ann DiLorenzo

Emerging Writers. One Dark Night, by Mary Ann DiLorenzo

One Dark Night. Part 4.

Mandy and Taylor both stayed on the farm with Belinda and her husband until they had finished college. After college and working and living for a time in Chicago, the girls bought a small home for themselves in Allegan just a few miles from Belinda and her husband still living on the farm. Although they were now grown women, both Mandy and Taylor still wondered about Thomas sometimes, did he really do it, why did he do it, and if maybe just maybe he would be back to kill them too, when he was done doing his time for murdering granddad.

Not long after Goetzmann was released from prison after his thirty year sentence, Sheriff Stanton, the lawman who had investigated the murder at the time, found himself in Albuquerque, New Mexico en route to southern California for a retired sheriff’s convention. Stanton, long since retired, had always been a history buff of sorts and with a World War II vet and a former German POW in a single case, he had been in his glory back in the day.

Though he had been unable to find a match for the bullets retrieved from the scene of the crime, Stanton was certain they had come from an old Army issue revolver and he had been spending his retirement looking for that revolver and trying to find out exactly what happened that one dark night so many years ago. It had haunted him all these years. He had been around the block enough, even then, to know Thomas didn’t do it. Why was the old vet Anderson so sure Thomas did do it? Or was it really just too dark to be sure?

Can you believe this? Stanton thought to himself. “Highest Prices Paid for Military Issue Firearms” read the sign outside the Albuquerque gun shop and in walked Stanton. Somehow he knew he had finally hit pay dirt. “It sure is hot today,” Stanton remarked to the man behind the counter.

“That it is! What can I help you with, sir?”

“Looking for a World War II U.S. Army issue revolver.”

“You are in the right place! Actually got this one in a few weeks ago. Not many asking for these anymore.”

There it was. Stanton just knew it. After all those years. “I’ll take it, just what I was looking for. Mind letting me know who brought it in so I can thank him?”

“Guess that’d be okay. He’s a local guy, know him from the Chamber, David Anderson. His father was the Colonel of a German POW camp in Allegan, Michigan, in 1944 I think it was, gave him the gun when he was a boy. David’s lived here close to 35 years now I’d say.”

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