Gallery Notes.  Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Featured Selection. Pallette II by Alex Ferrone.

Welcome to Hummingbird’s series — Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Following the tremendous response to Alex Ferrone’s previous post, A Few to See in NYC, and specifically to Alex’s own work which was included, Hummingbird invited Alex to expand her series to include posts that feature one photograph along with her comments about why it was selected.

Here it is! This first one features Pallette II by Alex Ferrone, with great respect and deference to “Earth,” in honor of “Earth Day.”

A Love Note on Earth Day

Dear Earth,

Thank you for allowing me to honor you with my art.

You inspire me to see differently as a fine art aerial photographer, as I explore your environment from unique vantage points, diverse angles, and varied altitudes. Drawn to your incredible natural abstractions within your vast landscapes and ever-changing water bodies over which I fly, this perspective from above you excites viewers’ imagination and interpretation, and challenges their perception of light, shape and scale.

My hope is that my images of you disconnect viewers from present man-made technology and daily discord, and engage them to contemplate the tranquility that you provide in nature as they meditate on your forms, textures and colors. At the same time, I believe my photographs may inspire a new awareness and appreciation for your fragile ecological systems and support the movement to no longer take you for granted.

With tender loving care for everything you are,


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Pallette II by Alex Ferrone

Palette II is one of the Aerial Observations Series by Alex Ferrone. For inquiries, please contact

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Featured Selection. Pallette II, by Alex Ferrone (This One)

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