Gallery Notes.  Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Welcome to Hummingbird’s new series — Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Editor’s Note: I have known Alex for more than a decade, first introduced to her when she was well-known on the East End for her incredible aerial photography, and was the “go-to” person for many East End real estate brokers featuring the “ultimate” properties. Our paths continued to cross—East End Arts, WPPB, and at fine art photography exhibitions where Alex showed her creative work. For several months, I’ve been thinking about inviting Alex to be part of Hummingbird in some way. Our “arts” series, including work by Tina Folks, Meryl Spiegel, and emerging young artists, hold strong interest among Hummingbird’s “core” readers. And, as these things happen, Alex reached out to me recently about a totally unrelated project she is working on, and I jumped at the opportunity to ask her if she would consider becoming Hummingbird’s “expert” on the East End art scene. My original idea was for Alex to guide us through the ins and outs of the many galleries and exhibitions, and also to help us all feel more comfortable in appreciating, conversing about, acquiring, and most of all enjoying the work of the many artists that exhibit here. And voilà! Here it is. It is our pleasure to introduce Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

In today’s post, we are in for a big “WOW” as Alex shares a few of her own “sight-seeing” photos with us. "WOWOWOW!”

A Few to See in NYC

My better half and I don’t get into the City as often as we’d like, so when we do get a chance, we cram in as many art happenings as possible during our visit. Our short trip into New York this past weekend (only 28 hours) contained a few divergent exhibitions stretched out from Chelsea to Columbia University and are worth visiting.

Transparent Pond by Nijole Kudirka

Transparent Pond by Nijole Kudirka

After check-in Friday afternoon, we leisurely walked uptown and absorbed fifty blocks of electric and energetic New York (always a feast for my senses) before catching a train up to Morningside Heights to an exhibit reception for Nijole Kudirka. On exhibit are two of Nijole’s beautifully delicate and dimensional encaustic collage series. Her painterly and intriguing pieces combine layers of photographic imagery on Japanese rice paper fused with translucent encaustic wax (this exhibit runs through April 2).

Our subway ride back downtown left us close to our hotel with 22,500+ steps registered on my Fitbit for the day - yay!

Concrete Beauty by Alex Ferrone

Concrete Beauty by Alex Ferrone

Staying in Chelsea made it easier to get in more steps while gallery hopping Saturday before our 4:00 Jitney reservation home. Highlights began with two exhibitions by the “Alfreds” – Eisenstaedt and Stieglitz - at Robert Mann Gallery. Regarded as the “fathers” of photojournalism and modern photography respectively, both Alfred Eisenstaedt and Alfred Stieglitz have wonderful classic black & white photographs in two exhibitions - “Portraits of the Past” and “Camera Work” - running through April 27.

We caught the last day of “Lichtmalerei (Light paintings)” - a stimulating blend of art and technology in works by Karl Martin Holzhäuser at Yossi Milo Gallery. Working in total darkness, Holzhäuser exposes sensitized photographic papers to different bands of colored light, creating images of geometric and gestural abstractions.

For other mediums, we visited Berry Campbell to view larger works by Abstract Expressionist painter, Judith Godwin (through March 16), as well as Pace Gallery for an array of etchings, cyanotypes and sculpture by Kiki Smith (through March 30).

Neiman Marcus at Hudson Yards by Alex Ferrone

Neiman Marcus at Hudson Yards by Alex Ferrone

We admired the explosion of modern architecture in the area and we ducked into a few other galleries before heading home to the calm, bucolic North Fork. We definitely do recommend a day in Chelsea for all before the end of March (check more info and links below).

Speaking of Chelsea and NYC, shown here is “Sky Garage” by Mike McLaughlin - currently on exhibit at Alex Ferrone Gallery through April 7.

Sky Garage by Mike McLaughlin

Sky Garage by Mike McLaughlin

Please click here to check out what is happening at the Alex Ferrone Gallery, and click here to learn more about Alex Ferrone’s fine art photography work. Your comments and suggestions regarding upcoming art trends topics are welcome. If you have specific questions about these artists or any content in Gallery Notes, please feel free to contact me directly, or through Hummingbird to learn more.

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