Gallery Notes.  Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Welcome to Hummingbird’s new series — Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Editor’s Note: I have known Alex for more than a decade, first introduced to her when she was well-known on the East End for her incredible aerial photography, and was the “go-to” person for many East End real estate brokers featuring the “ultimate” properties. Our paths continued to cross—East End Arts, WPPB, and at fine art photography exhibitions where Alex showed her creative work. For several months, I’ve been thinking about inviting Alex to be part of Hummingbird in some way. Our “arts” series, including work by Tina Folks, Meryl Spiegel, and emerging young artists, hold strong interest among Hummingbird’s “core” readers. And, as these things happen, Alex reached out to me recently about a totally unrelated project she is working on, and I jumped at the opportunity to ask her if she would consider becoming Hummingbird’s “expert” on the East End art scene. My original idea was for Alex to guide us through the ins and outs of the many galleries and exhibitions, and also to help us all feel more comfortable in appreciating, conversing about, acquiring, and most of all enjoying the work of the many artists that exhibit here. And voilà! Here it is. It is our pleasure to introduce Alex Ferrone.

Art Galleries and the Intimidation Factor, Part 1.

Some folks have mentioned to me that visiting art galleries can be a little intimidating. I hear about cold and impersonal assistants at reception desks (lightly referred to as Gallerinas) that don’t even acknowledge your presence as you enter their space. The staff’s attitude often sets the tone for your visit, and can prevent one from asking questions about the art or artist on exhibit.

This not only can make a person leave an art gallery without having the full experience of really connecting with the art and artist, but can also prevent a person from returning, or even visiting another gallery, for fear of the same negative experience.

In defense of the assistant, it may not really be because of a cold attitude, she, or he, is most likely just super focused writing press releases, fielding calls, contacting clients, preparing a reception or event, or working on inventory. All excuses aside, it is the assistant or staff’s job to, well, assist. So, if you would like a better experience at an art gallery, break that chilly reception and definitely engage the staff to ask about the works and the artist on exhibit.

As the galleries on the East End are often smaller and more welcoming than many in the City, it’s very possible to engage personally with the Director or the Curator there - and maybe even enjoy an espresso or tea with them while learning about the art.

So, no more intimidation - visit the many art galleries in your area. Get to know a new artist, learn about a different artistic process, get inspired by creative approaches, and enjoy a new cultural experience.

I invite you to get started right now! Here are a few images that were featured in recent Alex Ferrone Gallery exhibitions.

Your comments and suggestions regarding upcoming art trends topics are welcome. If you have specific questions about these artists or any content in Gallery Notes, please feel free to contact me directly, or through Hummingbird to learn more.

Please click here to check out what is happening at the Alex Ferrone Gallery, and click here to learn more about Alex Ferrone’s fine art photography work.

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