Gallery Notes.  Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Gallery Notes. Curated by Alex Ferrone.

Alex Ferrone Gallery and the Artistic North Fork

Editor’s Note: The following post was originally printed in the NorthFork Now Visitor Guide 2019 - 2020. Whether you live here or are a visitor, if you haven’t picked one up you are missing a treat. It’s beautifully put together, and contains great, accurate information as well as the “insider’s view” of many of our special places. (And it’s free!) Each section is prefaced by an introduction by a North Forker that is well-known in the segment, which gives a bit of their backstory. Alex’s intro to the the Arts & Culture section and the Alex Ferrone Gallery follows.

A Spectacular Day on the North Fork

“A spectacular day” is how I would describe my time visiting aerial photography clients on the North Fork more than a dozen years ago. Anxious feelings from the congested drive through Nassau County always gave way for serenity as I approached the end of the Expressway.

Everything about the North Fork - the beautiful open landscapes, beaches in every direction, quaint boutiques, abundant farm stands, vines everywhere, and the warmth of the folks here - surprised and completely captivated me. But what was more surprising, was finding a wonderful and thriving community of visual artists that work in a variety of mediums from sculpture, painting, mixed media and pottery, to textiles, glass blowing, printmaking, and my personal connector, photography.

Sprinkler Wheel III by Alex Ferrone

Sprinkler Wheel III by Alex Ferrone

From visiting the North Fork while cultivating clients, it was becoming a closer reality to eventually relocating to the area. Then after moving my life here, adjusting to my new home grounds, building a business presence, and establishing personal and professional connections, it took some time to develop my artistic stance and to open my eponymous art Gallery.

Within this culturally rich region, my partner and I renovated a 200 year-old historic house and property located on Main Road in Cutchogue and created a beautiful gallery space. Fitting right in with this energetic creative scene, Alex Ferrone Gallery specializes in fine art works by mid-career and emerging artists. The Gallery prides itself on highlighting alternative and traditional styles and techniques of photographic methods, bringing to the community a new way of seeing, and learning about, photography as art.

We welcome the community to attend our Gallery exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, and book signings. I look forward to personally greeting visitors and encourage folks to join our mailing list to be updated on all of our events. Along with Alex Ferrone Gallery, visitors to the North Fork can also treat themselves to additional creative destinations that include many other galleries and open studios featuring works by established and emerging artists. Please visit and see all that this amazing artistic region has to offer

Alex Ferrone Gallery
25425 Main Road, Cutchogue

Your comments and suggestions regarding upcoming art trends topics are welcome. If you have specific questions about these artists or any content in Gallery Notes, please feel free to contact me directly, or through Hummingbird to learn more.

Please click here to check out what is happening at the Alex Ferrone Gallery, and click here to learn more about Alex Ferrone’s fine art photography work.

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