Good Books!

Good Books!

Born to Run, by Bruce Springsteen

WOW. Bruce Springsteen. 

Rock ’n Roll hero, legend, master songwriter, poet, family man - he pulls no punches about his life.

Like Dylan (one of his heroes) he writes poetry set to music. And Springsteen is an artist of consummate skill.

Born to Run is an easy read with short chapters. Springsteen makes himself an open book, with astonishing honesty, with a clear-eyed view of who he is. From writing about his relationship with his father, which shaped so many of his years, to the hard work and pain of writing to meeting and finally being able to accept love - he offers a rare glimpse, told in his own words, to who he is and what it’s like to be Bruce Springsteen. And when he writes about his own depression, depression being a constant part of who he is, he handles it (as he does everything in the book) with total honesty, throwing a lifeline to everyone out there who deals with their own depression - and that part alone is a read for anyone who doesn’t understand the depths depression digs in and takes over. 

Springsteen writes about the importance of love, of family, of music - and his ongoing search for meaning in a world that doesn’t have much of it.

In music, out in the world, Bruce Springsteen is the real thing. Read the book.

Review by Lynda Bernard

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