Just Folks.  Be An Art Lover.

Just Folks. Be An Art Lover.

Be An Art Lover.

Collect Art!

Over the years, my husband and I have collected art and handmade pieces created by friends, and objects from our travels. I have found that it is really wonderful living with original art. The pieces that we have collected continue to enrich our lives. Things like Italian and African pottery, small paintings by local artists, handmade musical instruments, and New Orleans folk art.

The art that we’ve collected continues to bring joy and inspiration as we live with it. As the objects become “old friends,” in addition to the great memories they hold, their stories remind me to stay curious!

Sometimes, when I am looking at a favorite piece, my connection with it takes me me right back to the time we bought it. Meeting the artist, perhaps in their studio or in a foreign country, the smells, the weather, how we discovered the work, what we ate that day....all the memories come back and I'm immediately uplifted! A brightly made whistle or a paper kite stimulates the imagination and offers an escape from the hardened realities of life. That's the beauty and power of collecting original art!

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Be An Art Lover.

View more of Tina's work in her Hummingbird Gallery  and on instagram.  

Prints of selected images are available for sale.  For further information, please contact Tina Folks directly at Tina Folks or through Hummingbird by clicking here

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