Just Folks.  Fly My Way.

Just Folks. Fly My Way.

Fly My Way

Staying true to my whimsical nature, I've been making collages combining mixed media with my sketches. Fly My Way is just that...with the help of a kitchen timer, I begin with a prompt. Then, each layer of mixed media is added quickly and intuitively which helps me retain immediacy as I work. This time my prompt was “travel.”

When I'm finished, sometimes the collage tells a clear story and sometimes it doesn't. What I've reconciled here is the irony of reaching to work in the "zone" within the confines of "earthbound time." Echoes of the Southwest, exotic birds, and old postage stamps symbolize the desire to "FLY"  and travel.  This is counter balanced by the use of numbers which keeps me "grounded."

In essence…just like in life, when you allow yourself to become immersed in your art or something you are passionate about, you soar. Still, the timer continues to count down, and the “numbers,” sure and quantifiable, are a constant reminder of “reality” — that sometimes confining, yet often wonderful alternate existence.

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Fly My Way

View more of Tina's work in her Hummingbird Gallery  and on instagram.  

Prints of selected images are available for sale.  For further information, please contact Tina Folks directly at Tina Folks or through Hummingbird by clicking here

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