Just Folks.  "Breakfast Smorgie."

Just Folks. "Breakfast Smorgie."

Breakfast "Smorgie."

This sketch is "Breakfast Smorgie" and I know I'm repeating myself with this theme, but I do love breakfast. In the morning, there's nothing like the smell of cooked bacon and brewing coffee to change your mind set after a late night! I love huevos rancheros served up in a black iron skillet with hot sauce and black beans from the local diner in our neighborhood. But pancakes...growing up, occasionally my Mother would surprise us with homemade Swedish pancakes on Sunday. We'd spread butter on them, then sprinkle powdered sugar next or spread strawberry jam on top and roll them up! I can smell them now as I'm writing this!

Editor's Note:  It seems that Tina's obsession with breakfast is only surpassed by her devotion to pie.  I'm sure we'll be seeing more of those pie slices now that all the fruits and berries are ripening and delicious. But here we are again, with Tina calling us back to the breakfast table with her sketch, and her memories.  Ah, Tina. 

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"Breakfast Smorgie."

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