The Story of a Marriage.  Can't Change Perfect.

The Story of a Marriage. Can't Change Perfect.

A LOVE STORY. In four parts. Part 1

See her, there on the blanket, surrounded by friends, lolling away in the sun, never guessing that her life is about to change in a monumental way.
Here he comes, with a group of friends, chatting away as they stop to say hello.
And as he comes closer, he trips over her, yes, he actually falls over her feet and lands next to her.
Watch out girl. Watch out.
They get to talking, everyone is talking, and slowly, slowly they wind into each other’s mind. Who knows how, who knows why. It just happens.
And the next thing they know, because they haven’t consciously sat down to think, they’re riding home together, being together, becoming a couple.
Just like that.
And they do things together and they see each other almost all the time and there is a tension, an excitement, they both feel it.
Or are they pretending?
They don’t talk much about what they feel.
They’re so into each other, so happy to not be alone anymore.
They eat ice cream, they listen in awe to Bob Dylan, he cooks, she doesn’t.
They …she doesn’t remember. She doesn’t want to but she does.
One day they decide to get married. Just like that. Just the way he fell over her.
He is more nervous than she is, maybe. He wears a blue shirt because she asked him to.
His mother says he should have worn a white shirt.
She jumps to defend him.
It’s a small wedding, before a judge, and there they are, married.
They throw a big party in their apartment for their friends, especially the ones that were there on that infamous day when, without his glasses, he fell at her feet.

To be continued.

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