Emerging Writers.  Dad.

Emerging Writers. Dad.

Dad.  By Thomas Rooney.

You were stingy with your blue eyes, mom used to say. 

As if you somehow had control of your eye-color chromosome when you sired us.  They were the eyes of laughter, the eyes of sober thoughtfulness that eventually morphed into the clouded-blue eyes of despair. 

The sharp dreamy blue finally was milked over by cataracts of broken promises to yourself.  You never did write that history book, you never did run for political office…and you never got back home.  However you DID instill a love of literature and history in both your children and your grandchildren, you managed to write a letter expressing your political, societal and moral concerns to the President, to every member of the U.S. Congress, and all fifty governors. 

And you did get back home, the moment you breathed your last. 

You shared so much more than your baby-blues, Dad.  You shared your passion and soul.

Editor's Note:  This story was voted "best" among the semi-finalist entries, by Hummingbird Readers.  Each entry was required to meet certain parameters.  There were more than 100 reads of the Hummingbird semi-finalist stories.  Congratulations Thomas Rooney! 

You will be seeing an original Thomas Rooney story here on Hummingbird in the not so distant future.  Here are the details of this first ever Hummingbird Emerging Writer Contest.  

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