Just Folks.  National Pi Day.

Just Folks. National Pi Day.

National Pi Day.

Better make that National Pie Day.....no better still, National Pot Pie Day.

From the Editor

Tina mentioned that March 14th is National Pi Day, and of course, given her past history with the pie thing, I just assumed she meant National Pie Day!  But no, she meant Pi, our beloved 3.14 and all that goes along with it, like math, and pizzas for $3.14, and Albert Einstein's birthday--don't you just love that movie when Meg Ryan plays his totally geeky niece? 

But in the end, I was right.  Tina just couldn't help herself.  She circled right back to her ultimate weakness, but this time, she had another kind of pie on her mind... Pot Pie.

We hope you enjoy Tina's take on the "holiday" as much as we did.

But, on a more serious note, I do think we have to be watchful of these pieces of pie that seem to stalk Tina...getting golden brown in the oven, often with delicate flakey crust and delicious fruit filling spilling forth...just calling her name.  Again, I must warn you.  I don't think we've seen the last of this pie thing yet.

Happy National Pi Day Everyone!!

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National Pi Day.

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