Just Folks. Where Does This Come From?

Just Folks. Where Does This Come From?


Tina’s Travels.

Transparency everyone! While Tina was zig-zagging her way crossing the country—South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana…she has been posting some super photos. And then—from right in the middle of it all, out comes her sketch book and watercolors, and her first entry in her cross country journal arrived in my inbox. Usually, we share ideas and collaborate when Tina submits her incredible images. Among the reasons that I find them incredible include their simultaneous visual complexity and simplicity and their thought provoking subject(s) and commentary. But this week— she let me loose…. on my own to do with them as I wish!

Immediately I saw that with each stop Tina made along her journey, you can sense the awe and excitement in being in such large stretches of natural beauty. It is overwhelming, liberating, and yes, inspiring…. which got me thinking about where and how an artist is continually inspired. It occurs to me that while every artist has her muse, sometimes the muse gets tired, and slow to rise. The photos that Tina has been posting, I just know, are the seeds for her future work. Note, the colors in her journal entry, and the mail art/passport quality of the presentation. I can already begin to see these sights brought into Tina’s creative process. How great is it to be part of it! For us to be inspired along with her. I, for one, cannot wait to see what is coming next.

Note that Where Does This Come From? was created “pre-journalogue.” It makes me think that Tina was already thinking about the subject of artistic inspiration for awhile. Of course she was. I just had to catch up. Sandra Novick, Editor

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