Just Folks.  "Weekend Breakfast....Again."

Just Folks. "Weekend Breakfast....Again."

"Weekend Breakfast....Again."

This week's piece for Hummingbird was finished at The Golden Pear Café in Southampton. As a former coffee drinker, I still love the aroma of strong brewed coffee in the AM and The Golden Pear is one place to experience that. Sitting there, I'm amazed by the "hills" of apple crumb muffins, cinnamon danish and croissants stacked strategically as they await subtraction. There are six pots of coffee always ready for self service, also teas and fresh fruit, as I sit and eat my favorite egg sandwich made on a ciabatta roll with Canadian bacon and Vermont cheddar cheese. It's a great place to draw while I engage my five senses during a "weekend breakfast....again."

"Weekend Breakfast...Again."

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Good Books!

Good Books!

Emerging Writers.  Historical Fiction by Mary Ann DiLorenzo

Emerging Writers. Historical Fiction by Mary Ann DiLorenzo