Strike!  Bowling + Life Parallels:  Episode 5

Strike! Bowling + Life Parallels: Episode 5

When Mary Ann first embarked on the path to becoming a “respectable” bowler, she dove in with enthusiasm and fortitude.  Nothing, and no one would stand in her way.  What she did not expect was the complexity of planning, thought and strategy that were part of this sport she previously gave little or no thought to, and if she had, surely would have viewed it as mindless but fun.  Also, taking her by surprise were the generosity of the people she met, and the life lessons she learned along the way.  Join Mary Ann on her meaningful, and at times extremely funny journey.

Episode 5: More About Rob, the Ex-Pro Bowler

Now for the story of Rob’s mother-in-law.  Rob just couldn’t stand my using a seven-pound children’s bowling ball.  He said that a seven-pounder is like a feather compared to what I should be using.  He said the pins laugh at the seven-pounder as it goes on by, way too often in the gutter.  So one day, I stopped in for my latest bowl-your-arm-off session, and there was Rob going from bowling ball to bowling ball, scrutinizing each one, almost as if he were looking for something.  It turned out he was.  Before too long, he told me this story.

It seems his mother-in-law was a tiny little thing, smaller than I am he told me, and she was over 90 years old and still bowling!  But not only that, she would use one of the heaviest balls around.  For a present, Rob got her a custom designed bowling ball, but she wouldn’t use it.  You see, he had gotten her a lighter version of the ball she normally used and she didn’t like it.  Rob thought, that would be great for Mary Ann.  And he had actually brought it to the bowling alley one day and had left it there, or so he thought, but he couldn’t find it for me that day I was there.  "Next time," he told me. Well, that was fine with me because I was sticking with my seven-pounder anyway.

When the next time rolled around, there was Rob with his mother-in-law’s bowling ball in hand, the one he had gotten for her and if it fit me I could have it.  I picked up the thing and nearly severed my arm at the elbow it was so heavy-- and that was lighter than the one his mother-in-law actually used!  Rob insisted I try it anyway, but it was clearly too heavy and he ended up taking it back.  It was so sweet of him to try to help me and to look to mentor me, despite my being so stubborn and stuck in my own way of doing things.  Even I could see that.

Happily, Rob wasn't done with me yet.  Coming up next time:  showtime--the next interdepartmental competition.  I think you will be surprised at my score.

Very Sad Note:  I later learned that Rob’s mother-in-law had been killed in a car accident when the other driver ran a red light and plowed right into her.

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