Strike!  Bowling + Life Parallels:  Episode 6

Strike! Bowling + Life Parallels: Episode 6

When Mary Ann first embarked on the path to becoming a “respectable” bowler, she dove in with enthusiasm and fortitude.  Nothing, and no one would stand in her way.  What she did not expect was the complexity of planning, thought and strategy that were part of this sport she previously gave little or no thought to, and if she had, surely would have viewed it as mindless but fun.  Also, taking her by surprise were the generosity of the people she met, and the life lessons she learned along the way.  Join Mary Ann on her meaningful, and at times extremely funny journey.

Episode 6: No Trophy this Time.  That's a Good Thing.

It was competition time again and I was determined to give up my trophy, the scuffed up regulation size bowling pin I had won at my first competition by having the lowest score.  I practiced my heart out in anticipation of this day. But first, let me tell you about my trophy and the fun we had with it.

That trophy and I became great friends over the month between competitions.  The next day after I won it, I paraded it all around the office, not wanting anyone to miss out on the story.  My boss, a very funny, trickster kind of guy, took the trophy when I wasn’t looking and in its place left a ransom note.  Of course I didn’t know he was the culprit at first, but I had my strong suspicions. He was going on and on how it wasn’t his handwriting on the note, but that it was surely the guy’s two offices down and I should look in his office for my trophy.  They all had such a fun time teasing me and the more I looked for it, the more they teased.  I eventually found it and soon my trophy was back in my office in its place of honor.  However, the fun wasn’t over, the trophy would disappear from time to time and would turn up in the most interesting places.  We had many laughs over that thing!  It had become an old friend when competition time rolled around again and I brought it back to the alley.

A good friend and coworker couldn’t make it that night, but our teammate K-Man, would keep him posted by texting him the highlights. I still chuckle about it as K-Man is very competitive and was never happy going home empty handed.  If I won the loser pin again, at least our team would have won something.  Well K-Man had a bad night and so did our team and there was K-Man trying to text our friend.  The bowling alley was dark and he couldn’t see too well without his glasses, which was kind of comical in and of itself, but there he was texting that we would win nothing that night, Mary Ann wouldn’t even win the loser pin back!  Yes, that is right, I managed a 102 and someone else took the loser pin home that night.  I was so happy to give it up, yet really so sad to lose my newest old friend.  I knew I still had a long way to go before my bowling was respectable, but I was on my way!

And as far as the trophy goes, when my company was sold and the bowling competition was no more, I found the person who had that trophy and she was gracious enough to give it to me to have as a souvenir of the good old days. I still have it, and it is still displayed proudly.  There is something alongside it now, and I’ll tell you all about that as we get further down this road.  I hope you continue to traveling it with me…

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