Travel Series:  Key West Quirkiness.

Travel Series: Key West Quirkiness.

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Key West Quirkiness

A frequent reply that I make to someone who questions something is, “It’s Key West.” That explains it all.  Key West has been a home to those who could not find acceptance anywhere else, it is the “end of the road”, and the southernmost point in the US.  But with acceptance comes quirkiness.  Here are a few examples.

We have a zoo, actually it is more like a rescue facility for species that have been illegally brought to the island.  And who runs it? Well, the inmates at county jail of course.  Twice a month, on Sundays, families can visit the farm inhabitants and pet them while the inmates explain their care.  Only in Key West are the inmates officially running the zoo.

Key West boasts a vanishing island.  Alright, it is not really vanishing and it is not actually in Key West.  It is called Snipes Key and is situated in the Great Blue Heron preserve.  It is an “island” that shows only a grove of trees during high tide, but low tide creates a large, sandy island where the Conchs go for the day for swimming and barbecues.  Timing is critical, which is why only the Conchs go, you can easily get stranded if you don’t watch the tides carefully.

Fantasy Fest is an event that I avoid, originally started by the gay and lesbian populations, it has become a global event.  People parade around in costume or painted (nude) for most of the week.  The police are trying to crack down on the nudity…as young and old alike enjoy that freedom.  Seeing someone my age, overweight and mostly nude is not something that I would recommend for the faint of heart. Many participants spend up to $500 to get their whole bodies painted so that they can walk around in the nude without police interference.   Fantasy Fest includes a zombie bike parade which boasts more than 7,000 participants.

And it really happens.  After all, “It’s Key West.”

A Moment's Thought

A Moment's Thought

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