Quilts by Janet Greenfield

Quilts by Janet Greenfield

Meet Janet Greenfield, a quilter who brings the unique combination of creativity, whimsy, and geometric genius to her work.

Taking her hobby to the next level in 1997, Janet left a clinical psychology practice behind to focus on her art full-time.  The result is a modern, artistic and mathematical perspective on the time-honored quilting tradition.  Primarily self-taught, Janet utilizes her sewing machine to stitch pieces together, and does the actual quilting both by hand, and with her sewing machine.  She sources beautiful, unique fabrics and employs her highly developed sense of color in choosing and combining fabrics that range from African textiles to Japanese kimono prints, Balinese batiks, Indian saris, and fabrics from local shops and yard sales.

Each unique piece is inspired by fabric patterns that lend themselves to a repetitive tiling of geometric shapes that fit together without gapping or overlapping. Her rich and defined approach, which is at once mathematical and artistic, allows Janet to create pieces that are exciting and joyful, yet serene.  While the photos you see here are incredible, viewing the quilts in person, and having the good fortune of living with one is exponentially more so.

The sample of quilts below gives an idea of the types of fabrics Janet utilizes and the beautiful patterns she creates.  Used as wall hangings, bed coverings, throws and other home decor, most of the quilts are approximately 48 inches by  48 inches.  While some are as large as 63 inches, and others are small enough for a baby quilt, Janet makes commissioned pieces in a wide range of sizes.  Please note that while many of the highlighted pieces have been commissioned or sold,  most of the patterns can be duplicated with similar (or if preferred, possibly different) fabrics.  Each Janet Greenfield quilt is unique, handmade, and one-of-a-kind.  New designs are always in the making and will be highlighted here. We invite you to enlarge and click through this gallery.

To learn more about Quilts by Janet Greenfield, including purchasing or commissioning a Janet Greenfield one-of-a-kind quilt, please click here.  

Pricing and further information is also available upon request by emailing Janet (click here to contact the artist).

View more of Janet's work on instagram.

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