Recommended.  Movie Night!

Recommended. Movie Night!

Love of My Life

I had a nice surprise on Saturday evening.  It was about 8:45 p.m. and we really wanted to watch a movie.  Rather than lament the selections available on Optimum – movie-wise, it was pretty pathetic—I headed over to Amazon Prime.  Usually I can find at least a few that I would want to see, and then we decide after viewing the trailers -- we’ve started to do this recently as we have found that our definition of comedy and interesting aren’t always the same as those included in the Amazon blurb.  One of the selections I chose was Love of My Life

Okay, I would agree that the premise is somewhat implausible—married architect finds out that she has a brain tumor, that might or might not be a fatal condition, but she would know in 5 days, as the prognosis, including the possibility of not making it through the surgery, would evidence itself in her surgery scheduled for that day.  Everyone gathers ‘round—her husband, who becomes a basket case and is nice, overcome, possibly alcoholic, and we think loyal, but not a sympathetic character;  her daughters, both terrific, a little crazy, and clueless;  her colleagues who know something is up, but she doesn’t share this with them;  AND, her ex-husband, who broke her heart and treated her miserably and comes from England and parks in her house, determined to win her heart back again as he now knows that she was the love of his life.  Chaos (understatement) ensues, but it’s really funny, and it touches upon important subjects like love, trust, loyalty, ambition, confidence, friendship, passion.  It was set in Toronto—so it had that going for it too.  When the movie was over, we were sorry to have it end, and we felt really good about it!!  Pretty rare after movie watching these days.  Did I mention that her ex’s wife—the one that he left her for—also came? 

I highly recommend it.

2017—Anna Chancellor, John Hannah, James Fleet, Greg Wise, Hannah Anderson, Katie Boland

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