Recommended.  Movie Night!

Recommended. Movie Night!

The Big Sick

I had this on my “watch list” for a month or so, but for some reason it didn’t make it to the Saturday night screen—until this past weekend.  What a great surprise!  I guess categorized as a romantic comedy, the story is based on the true life story of Pakistani comedian Kumail Nanjiani—played by himself, and his American wife Emily Gordon, played by Zoe Kazan.  They meet at a comedy club where Kumail is performing stand up.  The movie is about their falling in love, their challenges, including the familial and internal conflicts that Nanjiani endures, as he asserts his own identity which clashes with the Pakistani culture his family holds dear.  A medical crisis results in hard but clear choices.  Emily’s parents played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano are both “human with foibles,” but good to the core.  You definitely want to know them. Kumail’s family struggles as they cling to their cultural traditions, but as it should, love conquers all.  Despite the simplicity of the storyline, the movie does not feel “simple” rather complex.  Writers Nanjiani and Gordon demonstrate understanding of the human condition and the power of love.  Topics covered include love, loyalty, forgiveness, bigotry, immigration, the quality of medical care vis a vis hospital ratings--to name a few.  Both Nanjiani and Kazan are also terrific in their respective roles.  It is not surprising that The Big Sick is up for many awards across nominating organizations.  And, the icing on the cake, it was FREE with Amazon Prime!  I highly recommend it. 

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