Current Events. Fear of Drowning

Current Events. Fear of Drowning

Fear of Drowning

Imagine the terror and desperation of being stuck in a river bed, unable to move while the water rises and crests around your head as you struggle and gasp for air.

Imagine standing—immobilized—while the presence of strangers presses in close around you, and all that you see are black and brown faces filling in the way forward as you struggle to maintain your footing.

How do you learn anew to grasp your place—or even know where your place in society is? 

Ignorance and fear are the crux of racism. Ignorance regarding those that are different, and fear of the wave of change that you know is coming and you cannot control.

How can the rising wave of change lift all humanity? Unify rather than divide, even those among us who are driven by these fears? How can we turn them to good rather than evil? Where do we start?

It is not enough to push back hatred. We must dig deeper to expose the hate that boils up within individuals at each level of the hatred spectrum. Yes, hatred should be treated like a disease that needs a cure. We can see that a band aid for the symptoms does not cover it. 

A million moments of silence for the world as it has come to be. But our silence falls on deaf ears. We are depending on our leaders to lead. Still, they remain paralyzed.

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