East End Happenings. Oracle Project.

East End Happenings. Oracle Project.

Oracle Project. Installation and New Work by Meghan Boody

Editor’s Note: Something exceptional and wonderful happened about a month ago—something I instinctively knew even while it was happening would make its way to Hummingbird. East End Arts was opening a new exhibit, DETOUR, with an innovative approach of having the work (and exhibition opening receptions) span three North Fork locations. One of the locations is a stone’s throw from my home here in Southold in a studio/gallery that was new to me, so I was anxious to attend for many reasons. Held at the Glenn Hanson Studio, the exhibit was solid, and the reception was well-attended. People were excited to meet the artists and discuss their interest in the work. Then, something unusual happened. On the farthest wall from where I was standing, there was a large piece, and I was literally pulled—as with magnetic force—to make my way through the congregating enthusiasts—so that I could see the piece from closer up. And similarly, my generally reserved self, jumped into conversation with the artist, Meghan Boody. The work, the artist—everything--just blew me away.

In today’s post, we are highlighting an upcoming exhibition of Megan Boody’s work. We will also be following up with a more in depth interview with Meghan to learn about the story behind her work, her extraordinary themes, and how she wound up working here on the North Fork, in addition to her studio in NYC. Overall comment…. is just WOW.

Oracle Project
Installation and New Work by
Meghan Boody
July 20– August 27
Cocktail Reception for the Artist July 20th, 6-8 p.m.
Storytime with Meghan, August 17th, 3-5 p.m.
8 Main Street
Sag Harbor

Meghan Boody’s work evokes the exquisite tensions between polarizing forces within ourselves. The “oracle,” as you might expect, serves as the conduit through which the battling forces within transition, find balance, connect and move forward. Universal power dynamics in relationships are at play. Extremes are stretched to what seems to be their limits… perhaps beyond.

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How did Ms. Boody come to exhibit her work here at HAVENS by KVD? Meghan smiled and said, “Good question!” In fact, she and Kim Van Dang, former InStyle and W Magazine Beauty Editor and Founder and Curator of HAVENS, met while attending a group art exhibition. The show included work by Meghan Boody with titles combining a line from Spencer’s Fairy Queen with the names of designer perfumes. HAVENS is positioned as “The Intersection of Art and Aromatics.” Serendipitous? Ms. Van Dang and Meghan Boody agreed to talk further.

This show is the result of their collaborative vision. Meghan indicates that at first, being accustomed to exhibiting in gallery settings, she was wondering how this would work, and how the show would make sense in the retail setting. However, upon visiting HAVENS, and seeing its expansive bank of windows, she had an idea.

Ms. Boody’s works are composites—layers of photographic images that are merged into detailed, refined, other-wordly pieces. They appear painterly, and at once medieval and futuristic. Showing work on a plexiglass presented a welcome challenge for Ms. Boody, who worked through many rounds of iterations to create transparent images that can be viewed from either side. The light that passes through enhances the image, bringing the galaxies that surround the oval “frame” within the images to life. Subjects spill out of the internal frame into the world beyond. There is so much detail and nuance for the viewer to enjoy. Ms. Boody’s work is thrilling.

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In addition to the process described above, Ms. Boody said that she felt “freed” from the “traditional” framing that is an integral part of her other work. Huge, elaborate and detailed, the frames add significant cost to her other pieces. Meghan embraced this new freedom and welcomed in every sense the opportunity to make her work visible and accessible to a wider audience. Also included in the HAVENS show are two videos, Ms. Boody’s first foray into animation.

All images in the show are editions of 10 and are available in these two formats:

  • 30” x 22”, printed on UV coated plexi, to be hung in a window or in front of a LED light source, hanging hardware included

  • 24” x 18”, Fuji Chrystal Archive print mounted to Sintra in custom frame with rounded corners

There is so much more to say!! And, more to come in our upcoming post featuring Meghan Boody. Meanwhile, if you are able to catch this show, July 20 – August 27th, you won’t be disappointed. We promise you that. There is a meet the artist reception on July 20th.

For more information, please contact info@ilovehavens.com

About Meghan Boody:  Ms. Boody holds a BA from Georgetown University in philosophy and French. After completing her BA, she studied Fashion Design at Parsons in Paris, where, on a lark, she took a photography course and was smitten. When she returned to NY, she apprenticed with Hans Numuth, and was a pioneer in the use of Photoshop, digital photography, and composited images. Ms. Boody has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad since that late 1980s, and her work is held in prestigious collections including the Whitney Museum of Art, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell University, and the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania. Her images have been featured in magazines such as Telegraph Magazine, Marie Clair, Homes & Gardens, and New York Magazine.

View more of Meghan Boody’s work on her website  and on instagram.  

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