Musings & Threads.  LAME EXCUSE.

Musings & Threads. LAME EXCUSE.


I’m a nice person most of the time. Normal, although who can say what’s normal these days, a kind person.

But every once in a while I cross the line and my inner dragon lady emerges.

This time it all started with a trip to the bank. I needed specific denominations of money so I needed a teller.

I arrived at my local branch, where I hadn’t been for…maybe forever…yikes! The bank has turned into a space ship…a modern version of Captain Kirk’s ship, the USS Enterprise (I might forget your name, but no way I’ll ever forget that name).

And..there were no tellers inside. Just big futurist cash machines, really big, commanding, as in “tell me what you want and make it quick.”
But no tellers.
( I guess bank tellers have gone the way of saying “you’re welcome” instead of “no problem.”)

And (sorry tellers) but this was so cool - you press a specific button, you want $1s or $5s or $10s or $20s ? Voila!

I was standing there, awestruck, resting my wrist on my purple cane, when an extremely young woman appeared next to me. Perhaps high school has let out early, I was thinking. She asked if I needed help. I said no, it’s possible I even said no, no, thank you.

She ignored what I said, and started explaining how the cash machine works, which was ridiculous because basically they all work the same way - push a button, get cash, although in this scenario, specific cash. And then she said she could do the transaction for me if I was having difficulty. The only difficulty I was having at that point was restraining myself from hitting her with my cane.

I’m fine I told her, giving her the sharp, narrowing of my eyes look. (I may have gray hair and I am carrying a purple cane, and I do have life lines on my face, but I’m certainly not helpless, or addled, or stupid.)

I got my cash (all by myself), and walked towards the door. This extremely young woman rushed ahead of me and pushed the button that opens the door for disabled people. I am not disabled and I knew, I knew with absolute certainty it was now war!

And as I left the bank (using the other door) before I could stop myself, my inner dragon lady emerged, and she flipped the bird, twice, at that very young woman.

As I said, most of the time I’m a nice person.
But make no mistake, that dragon lady is a good friend of mine.

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