Just Folks.  Graduate.

Just Folks. Graduate.


This week's piece is called "Graduate ," featuring my senior yearbook picture as kind of a self portrait. In 1980 I graduated high school, feeling proud and also excited about the summer ahead. College was just around the corner.

I went to a four year boarding school, and for the most part I did enjoy my time there. In my senior year however, I really resented the confines of having to follow rules and strict schedules and curfews...senioritus had set in. One of the things that helped through that year was having my parents’ Olympus camera. On the weekends that I went home, I’d take long bike rides by myself to find interesting locations to photograph. This gave me such a sense of freedom and independence and time to think about things...it was my art form at that time.

Congratulations to all of the Graduates out there for 2019! Follow your passion!


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North Fork. Through the Lens.

North Fork. Through the Lens.

Mensa Mominu.  He’s smart. (He’s a rat.)

Mensa Mominu. He’s smart. (He’s a rat.)