Just Folks.  The Magic of Summer.

Just Folks. The Magic of Summer.

The Magic of Summer

"Mail Art" is an art form that was started by an avant-garde artist named Ray Johnson that took off in the 1960s. Also known as “postal” or “correspondence” art, it is about sending small original art, postcard size, through the mail. The enjoyment is not only intended for the recipient, but also meant for postal workers to experience as they handle it. This idea has really intrigued me, and is something I’ve been participating in; I've even joined an international mail art exchange. The crow (notice the image) is one of my animal totems. Its magic is that it connects us to our creativity. The crow reminds us that there is always the assistance of the larger reality at work on our behalf in our creative pursuits. You will also note the Mexican senorita pictured, adding another layer to this communication as its destination was New Mexico.

What also interests me about mail art is the egalitarian “mission,” as it bypasses the traditional commercial distribution process and allows a broad communication in this concise format.

For me, summertime inspires nostalgia, and fond memories of childhood summers spent at the beach. Even though school continued well into June, Memorial Day officially kicked off summer, with promises of unlimited freedoms, long days, and adventures to come.

Wishing you the magic of summer, and a Happy + Safe Memorial Day Weekend. Cheers!

Please click on the “mail art” to enlarge. In a bit of a new twist, it is being “sent” via Hummingbird directly to you.

The Magic of Summer

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