Just Folks. Cake Walk.

Just Folks. Cake Walk.

Cake Walk.

Sweet confections are just a cake walk into town.

Last spring, I was inspired by the bountiful and beautiful offerings at Dolci Momenti Bakery & Cafe in Holbrook. Their display was a feast for all of the senses, and I sketched away while enjoying my delicious coffee, the aromas, a sweet treat, and my many memories associated with the sweet confections line-up.

Is it just me or does Spring seem to be a busy season for cakes?...Easter, Passover, Christenings, Graduations, the birthdays of friends and family. Historically, cakes have long been reserved for celebrating important events beginning with birthdays. The first record of a birthday cake was noted from the Ancient Egyptians. When someone was crowned as a Pharaoh, the celebration of this amazing transition from human to deity was considered a "birthday." Like the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks celebrated the birthdays of their Gods and Goddesses. In honor of their Lunar Goddesses, the Greeks added candles to  represent the light of the moon. Little did they know how their addition of candles would become the start of a longstanding tradition. The Ancient Romans were the first people to begin celebrating the birthdays of ordinary people. And even then, only the birthdays of males were celebrated until the 12th century.

Cakes, as we have traditionally enjoyed them here in America, haven't always been the sweet, celebratory confections so readily available to us today. Before the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century, sugar and other sweet ingredients were scarce and very expensive which made cakes exclusive to the very wealthy. Sugar represented a high social status. Thankfully, due to the advances of technology, urbanization and globalization since that time, sugar became much cheaper and available to everyone to use in their everyday cooking and baking....

Yes. Let Us All Eat Cake! 

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Cake Walk

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