Just Folks. Horseplay.

Just Folks. Horseplay.


After drawing model horses one Wednesday night in Patchogue with my Sketch Group, I created this mixed media collage. By getting back to basics on "how to draw" these difficult animals it reminded me of when I was about 10 or 11, and I used to cloister myself up in my room to practice drawing cartoons. Everything was simplified using circles and ovals connected by curvy lines...I can still picture the well worn pages of that instructional book of mine; animals in cars, people and their pets, it was all in there! Sometimes, it's good to look back... to help me continue forward…

Editors Note: Tina has two pieces, including Horseplay, in a current show in Bellport.
"What's Over Your Couch?"

Bellport Arts and Framing Studio
Through March 14th
137 South Country Road (Main Street)
Bellport NY 11713

“This is an installation exhibit with the “Patchogue Sketchers” showing off their vast talent and varied artwork. The exhibit takes a playful approach by exhibiting small works displayed in a large space over a mock living room couch. Come see our display and perhaps you will need to take a drawing or two home for your very own! Show continues thru March 14th!

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View more of Tina's work in her Hummingbird Gallery  and on instagram.  

Prints of selected images are available for sale.  For further information, please contact Tina Folks directly at Tina Folks or through Hummingbird by clicking here

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Recipe. You Won't Want to Miss This!

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