Just Folks.  The Fly Totem.

Just Folks. The Fly Totem.

The Fly Totem

The Fly Totem is ironic…. normally we think of this insect as a pest, especially when it contaminates our food and can carry diseases. However, they do get our attention when we least want them around, and, maybe that's the point. They undergo 4 stages of metamorphosis in their short lifespan, and being “opportunists,” they “succeed” because they are adaptable to various environments and changes…. and they can fly!

Of course.... success, surely, is relative.

Let go of old self doubts
and self defeating habits.
Know that your dreams
are within your reach—
You deserve it.

And finally, in the words of Ogden Nash,  "God in His wisdom made the fly/And then forgot to tell us why."

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Fly Totem

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