North Fork Find:  Simply Sublime

North Fork Find: Simply Sublime

Simply Sublime

We've made many efforts over the past years to eat healthfully, to limit meats, processed carbohydrates, and dairy from our daily diet, and to focus on the fabulous vegetables available right here on the North Fork, and over the winter from the Farmer’s Market and organic markets. As much as we try, admittedly we are not as successful as we hoped to be. Comments from my husband include something like this for example on toast made with Ezekiel sprouted bread, “This is the worst thing I ever tasted.” Indeed, it’s an uphill struggle.

That’s why I couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted when I pulled in last evening—that this very same husband had brought home fresh juices, along with vegan dishes for our dinner. All from Simply Sublime in Cutchogue, and all pronounced, “Delicious!!” I couldn’t agree more.

The offshoot of its namesake and “parent” located in East Hampton, Simply Sublime is located on the Main Road in the Village of Cutchogue—in the middle of the strip of shops between Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Real Estate, and the Cutchogue Diner. We had “Simply Sunny” juices, made of orange, carrot, cucumber and mint. Then we shared some specials, including spicy udon noodles with spinach and mushrooms, and light and flavorful hand made vegetable dumplings, served with sliced cucumbers, carrots, and seaweed salad. All of the vegetables are organic.

A wide variety of juices, smoothies and cleanses are available. There are special dishes and salads, and staples that include salads, wraps and bowls—such as acai and Greek yogurt. The salads, wraps, and special dishes are prepared daily by the chefs at the main location in East Hampton.

While I had heard that the prices at Simply Sublime overall are expensive, I found that the prices are reasonable, and that the quality for the cost actually make it a “value.” How great it is for us to have an excellent health and vegan go-to carryout, right here in Cutchogue?! I am looking forward to going there myself when I will surely pick a few new menu items to try.

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