Musings & Threads.  More Than Just a Ride.

Musings & Threads. More Than Just a Ride.

More Than Just a Ride.

Oh, How I Love Uber!
Driving into the city threatens my life and major highways move too fast and public transportation isn’t all that convenient. I’m at that age where time doesn’t stretch into infinity, so sitting on a bus that’s trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel doesn’t turn me on.
Which is why I turn to the kingdom of Uber.
Into a clean, air conditioned car I step. The driver politely asks how I am today and I reply in kind.
And then I settle into quiet — no music, no questions, no complaints, no arguments, nada. Just blessed silence.
I look out the windows (they’re clean, you see) lean back and drift, meditate, go blank (which is a joy to an often over-active mind).
And best of all, I arrive at my destination without getting lost, and without many renditions of WTF.  I’m relaxed, content, and ready for whatever lies ahead. When I visit family in Larchmont, they sometimes treat me to a homebound Uber, where I get to reflect on the visit, remembering the details rather than wondering if the traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge is ever going to move, in my lifetime.
I have designated Uber as my occasional private chauffeur.
An aside: I have a cherished friend who likes to say that I can’t be in a room with more than 3 people, which is often true. So being in a car, alone and not driving, is nirvana and worth every penny.
And I swear on the heads of my four grandchildren that Uber did not pay me to write this.
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An Evolving Life. Can't Stay Dry.

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