Musings & Threads.  "Back-to-School."

Musings & Threads. "Back-to-School."


Life Lessons at Target.

A couple of evenings ago I was at Target with my grandson.  He was my helper on my periodic “Target run.”  He was doing a fantastic job of navigating the cart and flinging items into the basket. 

“Are we almost to the toy section?” 

Pre-negotiated payment for this gig as helper would be in the form of a toy of his choosing.

“Not yet, can you grab those paper towels for me?”  The 12 rolls in 8 rolls went flying through the air, miraculously landing on top with a slight bounce—but not falling out. 

Passing by all the food aisles walking towards the toys, we came upon the “Back-to-School” aisles.  There was a whole wall of backpacks.  

“Did you already get a new backpack for school?”

He said he hadn’t and drifted over to the wall, and then into another aisle perpendicular to it.  He seemed lost in thought.

“Is there one that you would like?  I would love to get it for you.”

“Nini, is this one cool for a first-grader?” He asked so sincerely.  The pack had a plastic representation of some significant Star Wars scene. I could see in his face that he was straddling the line of his vivid and wonderful imagination and love of all things Star Wars—and wondering if a back pack like that is just for little kids—like in kindergarten.

“You would know better than me.  But I would say that if you think it’s cool, it probably is.”  I hoped this was good advice.

He thought about it, and took it off the hook and threw it into the basket.  His confidence was building, but he still looked concerned as he continued considering whether or not it was the right choice.

The backpack landed in the basket with a thud, and to our surprise, several parts of the scene began lighting up.  I glanced over at James, and he had his signature knowing smile on his face. “This is SO cool,” he said.

Then we went on to get some of the things he might need to put in it.  I suggested pens and pencils, and a notebook to write in. 

“I think I’ll need a lunchbox.  OH—this one is the coolest—definitely.”

I’m thinking there is a lesson here.

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