Musings & Threads.  Stand Back!

Musings & Threads. Stand Back!

Stand Back!

How to Light the Coals. A Barbecue Memory.

I grew up before gas barbecues, electric barbecues and smokers, chimneys to light the charcoal, and electric starters. My Dad loved to barbecue. This was his unique recipe for lighting a barbecue. Put the charcoal in. Douse heavily with kerosene. Add a little more, just in case. Yell stand back . Yell stand back again, louder. Throw match on coals from a distance. Result: a bonfire! Which eventually calmed down enough to use. It was incredibly unsophisticated - and so were we all. I miss that, not the bonfire, but the innocence.

Good Books!

Good Books!

An Evolving Life.  Peachy.

An Evolving Life. Peachy.