Musings & Threads.  Confessions of a Serial Napper.

Musings & Threads. Confessions of a Serial Napper.

Confessions of a Serial Napper.

If I had to list the top 10 things I enjoy most, I would definitely include napping. Rather than a waste of time, or even a vice, napping is so absolutely delicious.

When my mind rebels against too much news, too much information, extreme frustration over some perceived slight, I take a nap.  And not (to my horror)  something called  a power nap, for 20 minutes. I do not think the words  “nap” and “power” belong in the same sentence.

A bad day? I nap. Overwhelmed? I nap. There is nothing in my world that cannot be fixed with a lie-down. Often when I’m writing and I get stuck, I turn to a nap.  No day is so bad that I can’t fix it by napping, that wonderful burrowing under a soft and comfy blanket and feeling unconditionally secure.

And I wake up refreshed, mind clearer, creativity increased (I like to think). Albert Einstein used to take a nap every day, on top of getting ten hours of sleep every night. Need I say more?

I am a professional napper, so please feel free to write if you need some encouragement.  Naps are, to me, on the side of the angels. I am sure angels nap. And I know as fact that unicorns do.


Caught Napping. 
A memory. 

Back when I lived at home, which was a very long time ago, my father used to poke his head in the doorway of my room (more precisely, our room, because my sister and I shared it) and say, loudly and perhaps a bit sarcastically “What are you two doing? You’re going to sleep your life away!” We were, of course, napping, not sleeping.  And decades later, and living apart, we still remain enchanted by our naps.

Good Books!

Good Books!

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