Montauk.  What's Not to Love?

Montauk. What's Not to Love?

Yes.  Even North Forkers, the Quintessential Un-Hamptonites, Love Montauk!

Another thing we can all agree on--there's just no place like Montauk.  When you are driving in and you hit that high point (relatively speaking of course because it's just so flat!) and Montauk is alight in front of you with the exquisite Atlantic to your right and ahead as far as the eye can see.  It's visually remarkable;  one could comfortably say "awesome."  And the vibe in Montauk is great--inlets everywhere, commercial fishing vessels in harbors, fantastic places to eat, its own music and art scene, and let's face it -- it's the end of the earth, so not that many people make their way out there right?  Well that was true until a few years ago, when the young, hip, rich NYC summer-timers discovered that the extra 40 minutes driving was well worth it.  The talk these days in Montauk sounds a lot like that on the North Fork, where even the newly transplanted who love it so much here, want to close the door behind them. 

When we think "in the know" in Montauk, we think Lynn Blumenfeld and Jill Fleming, owners and creative gurus of the well-known, award-winning ad agency blumenfeld + fleming-- great, smart Montaukers that live and make their living there, and are totally connected.  Here's what they say they are currently "hooked" on. 


Permission to repost graciously granted by b+f: 

"So! here’s what we’re into and excited about today!

We are hooked on Hooked, Mtk’s newest eatery. We are still grabbing coffee at Duryea's Lobster Deck market and love the new oyster bar and extra indoor seating. We love the frocks at the little Martinique boutique next door. Big congrats to NIBI MTK and Girltauk Inc. - Montauk for your swanky new locations and Fin Montauk for the rose gold collection. We love Montauk General Store- salt scrubs, great gifts and sweet local owners. We always love Montauk Brewing Company and every new concoction and can’t wait to try the Montauk Wine Company rose! We also can’t wait to try the Breakers MTK new eatery or the Montauk Lighthouse cafe.

With so much pollen in the air we’ll be heading over to the Montauk Salt Cave - it’s not new but it and Dominique Olivia Garstin at Yoga Lila are still fabulous and give back to our community all year long. Tuesday nights East By Northeast is still doing $5 sushi rolls and happy hour. Harbor Montauk is now a catering company. Naturally Good and Jonis Montauk both have great vegan and gluten free options.

We want to congratulate Debra Halpert on 12 years at Hamptons Magazine and wish her well.

Tell us what you discover around town and what’s new and fabulous. And please be careful and patient out there."

THANKS LYNN AND JILL.  Keep us posted!!!

Emerging Writers Contest Winning Entries

Emerging Writers Contest Winning Entries

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