Musings & Threads.  Flounder Bushes.

Musings & Threads. Flounder Bushes.


The glorious bright yellow of forsythia, the way it brightens my heart after the gray, cold dark winter.
When I was growing up, my father was an avid fisherman. And we called forsythia "flounder bushes," because when they blossom, that's when the flounder start running, he told us.


Editor's Note.

I just love Lynda's musing above, and now when the forsythia bloom, I will surely think of them as flounder bushes, and also wonder if in fact the flounder are running! 

One of my favorite things about forsythia is how they seem to shoot out from the evergreens or still sleeping branches that surround them.  Ours have a wild look to them, and having been mostly left alone have spread out and thickened over the years.  A friend of mine also had a similar landscape, except...the first year they hired a landscaper to help them.  When she returned home from work one early spring day, her beautiful, wild forsythia were pruned into separate and distinct bushes, narrow at the bottom with bulbous, rounded tops.  To her, they looked like a row of giant light bulbs.  A garish spring tribute to GE!  We laughed heartily with them, not at them.  I also think of the light bulb bushes each year about now. Sandra Novick

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