The Bunny Cometh.  An Easter Tail.

The Bunny Cometh. An Easter Tail.

The Bunny Cometh

An Easter Tail

Oh most beautiful Bunny, whether standing upright, sitting on grass, or hopping into the Easter basket - I am completely enticed by the glorious  Easter Bunny, and Easter.                                                                                                                               People, yes, even children it is said, dispute the possibility of the Easter Bunny.       I dispute their dispute.                                                                                                                    How is it, if there is no Easter Bunny, that I awaken every Easter morning and find a chocolate Bunny in my fridge?

The Bunny must be chocolate - preferably Hershey-like chocolate for me, not some designer chocolate, although if you must, you must. There is also white chocolate which, I think, is a manmade concoction and an insult to the Bunny. And there is dark chocolate, and I have no opinion on that.

And always, always, the enduring question: which part do I eat first?  The ears? The tail? From the bottom? From the top? It continues to be one of those eternal questions that befuddles mankind.

And let us not forget those utterly awful, yellow marshmallow chicks, that I devour only at Easter, when they suddenly, magically, taste delicious. Jellybeans! I adore jellybeans. Consider yourself an outcast on Easter Day if you do not savor the jellybean.

Easter eggs!  Chocolate eggs!  Marshmallow eggs! Marzipan eggs!  And home-made eggs dipped and dyed the most splendid springtime colors! Do people still dye eggs with their children? I surely hope so.

Easter flowers! Daffodils, Hyacinth, Lilies - all in splendid spring colors. When I think of Easter, I always think of spring!                                                                                    And then, and then, Easter dinner! Lamb! Ham! Maybe both!  Fresh spring vegetables! Asparagus!                                                                                                               (You will notice that on Easter, exclamation marks abound!)

There is just something about Easter that stirs the child in me. My excitement is high. My mouth is watering and I want it all, greedy woman that I become.                And so every year, hopping along to bring in spring, and true to my heart, the Easter Bunny comes to visit.                                                                                                        And so may it ever be.

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