Emerging Writers.  Lament.

Emerging Writers. Lament.

An Emerging Writer’s Lament.

"I'll be right back."

I’ve paid my bills, talked to my friends, confirmed my travel plans for next year, put in a load of laundry, started the dishwasher, took the dogs out for their morning walk, dusted my coffee table, finished my third cup of tea, took my medicines; this can only mean one thing…I’ve run out of excuses.

So here I sit, staring at an unfinished manuscript that is due in 5 days.  Oh, did I forget to fertilize my orchids?  I’ll be right back.

Back again, staring at that manuscript. Is that the rooster crowing? He needs some food, I’ll be right back.

Oh no, dogs are barking at the pool guy, I’ll be right back.

I need a 4th cup of tea.  Oh look, a lipstick opened in my purse and has smeared everything, need to clean up that mess. I’ll be right back.

Hmmm, I am feeling hungry, could it be? Yep, time for lunch, I’ll be right back.

You know I need a muse, that’s it, that will inspire me, let me find a muse.  My orchids, yes, let me take some pictures of those, they’ll be my muse.  I’ll be right back.

A vision board, that will do it.  I need to put together a vision board, that will inspire me to finish.  I’ll be right back.

It’s 4 p.m., I know I do my best thinking in the morning, so this should probably wait until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I’ll be fresh.


Editor's Note.

I hope you enjoy this hysterical glimpse into a writer's everyday life as much as I do.  But I also have some good news to share regarding Emerging Writer, Angela Rieck.  Angela has been accepted into a special professional writers workshop.  So, while she is making light of the stress she is feeling about completing the manuscript of her new novel—this is the real deal.  She is on her way!  On behalf of all of us at Hummingbird, we couldn't be happier for Angela, or more proud to have published her first, and to have been smart enough to believe in her incredible talent.  Angela promises not to forget us. I know that we will keep reading her work, as fast as she keeps writing. 

Happily, Angela ran out of ways to procrastinate yesterday, so she had time to take just a few more minutes away to write this for us.  Thanks Angela!

Mensa Mominu.  He’s smart. (He’s a rat.)

Mensa Mominu. He’s smart. (He’s a rat.)

Calling All Emerging Writers For Contest 3!

Calling All Emerging Writers For Contest 3!