Just Folks.  Green Day.

Just Folks. Green Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ah, the emerald green that St. Patrick’s Day brings to mind! Tina says that the green food coloring, that turns all things green on St. Patty’s Day, is having a field day with all the favorites in “Green Day.”

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Green Day.

Editor's Note

A trip down St. Patrick's Day Memory Lane.

Not until we moved to NYC did I appreciate a full-scale St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  Possibly the “mother” of all St. Patrick’s Day Parades, the high-spirited march up Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 86th Street was hard to beat.  The honor of being named Grand Marshall was nothing to sneeze at, actually—it was coveted.  And, most certainly, “Everyone was Irish on St. Patrick’s Day,” in NYC.  Bake shop windows were decked out with one green confection more inviting that the next, and oh—the Irish Soda Breads.  It almost seemed like a competition.  We lived up in Yorkville, and the scene on 86th Street, where the Parade finished up, was nothing short of boisterous. I can confirm that the party went on long after that.

After moving out to the East End, St. Patty’s Day celebrations, although smaller, have been pretty grand.  One long-ago tradition was St. Patrick’s Day lunch at Bridgehampton National Bank. 

Our CEO at the time was a proud Irishman.  Much to his delight, about 5 or 6 members of our staff—including execs, branch staff, accounting, IT, joined together, each preparing their specialties, and we “set” a St. Patrick’s Day lunch in the community room for everyone at the bank.  The corned beef(s) were cooked in our kitchen up on the second floor, and the whole building smelled like corned beef for days!  The staff was small then—probably not more that 100 people, but anyone who could, stopped in for lunch.  There was corned beef, cabbage and potatoes;  Irish soda bread;  and all kinds of green desserts—one specific pistachio cream cake was a favorite each year.  It was a fabulous day that everyone looked forward to. 

Parades on the East End are pretty great too—with Montauk and Westhampton coming first to mind.  We hope you too have some fond Irish memories to celebrate.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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