Musings & Threads. Current Events.

Musings & Threads. Current Events.

Current Events.

Back in the car again yesterday for a “mini-trip,” but I did get through the news cycle a few times, on my trip to Mineola and back…tuned into WCBS 880 AM…of course.  I was sure glad I wasn’t headed into Brooklyn—the traffic was backed up from Queens to Atlantic Avenue on the BQE—oh yes, a 10-15 minute ride taking no less than 45 minutes to an hour.  But enough about that, here’s what was happening in the world!

Aretha Franklin

It was so sad to learn that Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, passed away from pancreatic cancer.  The tributes have been pouring in.  “R-E-S-PE-C-T, find out what this means to me.”  I don’t know one woman in my generation or my daughter’s for that matter, that hasn’t done their own exuberant and empowered rendition of this song.  Guys too!! No matter the genre, Aretha’s voice was just so powerful and uplifting.  It always sounded like she was “beyond” and indeed, she was.  I believe much of our country will be mourning this great lady.  If by chance you didn’t see Aretha in the Kennedy Center Awards when Carole King was honored, please be sure to treat yourself to a view of greatness and grace.

Paul Manafort

The jury is deliberating on 18 counts. It is believed that it is likely that Manafort will be found guilty of some, but not all counts.  However, if one juror has doubts…  The defense is hoping/planning for this to happen and rested without calling one witness, leaving the jurors with the suggestion that it was just a trumped up case against Manafort.  Yes, pun intended!

Stock Market

Well after the bit of a tumble on Wednesday, the markets were liking the promise of U.S.-China trade talks vs trade wars and the day ended up nearly 400 points.  OK then.


Did you know that Walmart is the biggest purveyor of groceries in the U.S.?  I think that’s kind of sad.  On a happy note both Walmart and Home Depot describe business as robust with people “buying online and coming into stores to buy some more.”  The market really liked Walmart’s earnings report up 40%!!  And the stock soared 10%.  Not too slouchy.


Trump says that steel tariffs might hurt in the short term, but will help U.S. steel manufacturers in the long term.  Today it was reported that a U.S. nail company, that uses steel for its products, reports that sales are down 60% and they had to lay off a third of their workforce (I could not corroborate this % of workers).  I hope they can wait for the benefits promised, but it doesn't sound good for them.

John Brennan

A true patriot is all I have to say.  Stripped of his security clearance, Brennan states that all Americans should have grave concerns regarding the current misuse of power to silence critics.  He says he will not relent. And that America will recover from the current state of affairs-- when the president of the greatest country in the world uses bully tactics to prevent citizens from speaking out, and views a free press as the “enemy of the people.”  I think so too.  But this feels really bad.  

NYU Medical School

This is super incredible!  New York University's School of Medicine reported that it will offer full scholarships to all current and future students in its doctor of medicine program--meaning that a student will graduate without any debt associated with the cost of their Medical School education.  WOW.  See, the glass is half full!!

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