Valentine's Day.  Love and Respect.

Valentine's Day. Love and Respect.

I found myself walking with two friends on a dirt road in a village on the other side of the globe a few weeks ago.  It was a return to place I had seen as a 21 year-old student and while some things had changed, most were exactly as I had recalled.  My friend and his mother were walking slowly when a voice called to them from a doorway.  An elderly frail woman hurried to where we were and began touching the hair and face and breasts and stomach of my elderly companion.  The two woman began crying and then the other woman bent down, out of respect, to touch the feet of my friend then completely prostrated herself on the ground in front of us.  My friend and I were crying watching this extraordinary display of love and affection unfold in front of us…To take a photograph felt intrusive but I have no doubt that I will ever forget this experience.  When I think of expressions of love and respect on this Valentine’s Day, this will be image that first comes to mind.

Just Folks.  It's Valentine's Day.

Just Folks. It's Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Quote

Valentine's Day Quote