Musings & Threads.  A Last Gasp of Summer.

Musings & Threads. A Last Gasp of Summer.

A Last Gasp of Summer.

The View from a North Fork Porch.

It’s hard to believe it’s November already. A hard, chilling rain is falling—a deluge tonight. The temperature is dropping. Clearly it IS autumn.

I was glad I grabbed these photos just a couple of weeks ago when, having left my snappy new camera in Brooklyn, I dusted off my old manual Canon and was giving it a whirl. The day was warm, and the light “just so.” These were taken in the afternoon, on a covered porch with southwest exposure.

Pots that had been somewhat neglected as we marched through October, still showed their “stuff.” I had to sit down for a few minutes to take it all in…. really, it couldn’t have been prettier.

Most of all, there were my prized Meyer Lemons, waiting to be brought into the sunroom where the lemons—now looking like limes— will turn dark, orangey yellow, and delicious. This summer, I “raised” six of them! The lemons are a bonus, because I just love their blossoms that come early in the summer, which are lovely, white “spidery” petals, with a fragrance that is citrusy and sweet. If you look closely at “More Meyer Lemons” below, you will see a tiny lemon developing in the center of a spent blossom— that surprised me in late September. It’s tiny, so you really have to look for it.

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And at the same time, it was a different story in the backyard where fall had arrived. While also beautiful, I could clearly see time advancing towards leaves falling, bare limbs, cold weather and shorter days. For me, the shorter days are the hardest—but of course I know that it is time for regrouping, possibly rest and reflection before starting anew…. which of course got me to thinking of the yin and yang of things.

This week was one for the books. It seemed that bad news, mayhem and destruction were sprouting up everywhere. But upon consideration, in my small universe I saw some wonderful things—I thought I’d share them, starting with my Meyer Lemons :), here are some others— from this week alone:
-A fabulous person received medical test results — negative, which is POSITIVE!
-Funding was confirmed for the expanded reach of fantastic literacy programming. Closing the achievement gap!
-Great consulting work components nearing completion—exciting, challenging, fun, smart!
-Dots connecting for special women leaders—yeah!
-Thanksgiving planning that is not dysfunctional at all—with fun, love and graciousness prevailing!
-Seeing my friend’s son celebrate his 17th birthday; he has become the handsome young man, football star and the all-around exceptional and good person, that we knew he would be… making himself and his “mama” so proud, as he prepares for college next year.
-Broader, but affecting my world as well—evidence of democracy seeming to work as it should, with power balancing, bipartisanship potential (?), votes still being counted—because they were cast and that’s the right thing. Too optimistic, especially considering the acting AG kerfuffle? Still, we can be hopeful this will also work out, right?

And last, circling back to the yin and yang – just a day or two ago, a praying mantis came to visit us. Not just an ordinary one—this guy was approximately 5+ inches long, and jumped onto our sunroom screen and stayed there for some time. We had the feeling that he was on a mission to be noticed by us, and in the symbolic meanings attached to the praying mantis, we took this as a communication of calm, meditation, and deep reflection in the most positive way. A feeling of peace and well-being swept in. This was all well and good—excellent really; it made me want to learn more about the praying mantis and what its purpose is in nature. So, on the flip side, I learned that praying mantis are predators, which would be fine (with me) if this disposition was limited to mosquitoes and other pests. But in fact it extends to other creatures—the praying mantis is carnivorous, and is known to eat snakes, mice, lizards, and even small birds—like the hummingbird!! Our beautiful symbol of joy, hope, fortitude, and sipping the sweet nectar of life!! (Note that these are exclamation points of horror!!) How can this be? OK, I’m calm now. I learned that it’s a very rare occurrence for a praying mantis to eat a hummingbird—but what is this telling me—that there is both good and evil within us? We should beware of the potential for darkness of motivation and spirit, even in the face of light? We must look for and recognize desperation in the hopeful? It was a lot to digest, no pun intended.

Upon further reflection, I do believe that its presence was a communication of positive energy, and that life is good…. and that the yin and yang are part of the larger universe. I think that the praying mantis was putting forth an overwhelming feeling of peace and life. But it might not always be this way. We must savor the moments. And so it goes…. ever onward.

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Backyard Burning Bushes.

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