In Praise of Losers.

In Praise of Losers

Thank you. You are inspiring.

Well, the election results are in, and while I was pleased with some results, I was disappointed with others. In my district in Florida, the incumbent, a good guy and a moderate Republican that was not allowed to vote his conscience lost to the Democrat, one of the Democratic wins that allowed them to take the House. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the Republican candidate won, despite a hard-fought campaign by the Democrat.

But this is not a recap of the political races, it is a tip-of-the-hat to the candidates, especially the losing ones. They who put their heart and soul into their races; giving up careers, inspiring hundreds of volunteers, and gaining thousands of votes. And today, it is over for them. Now they have to lick their wounds, second-guess their strategies, and combat fatigue brought on by relentless campaigning.

Thank you.

I admire your courage, the courage to put yourself out there, even though it is exhausting, gut wrenching and frustrating. You put your family life on hold, you shook thousands of hands, ate a lot of crappy food and now you are left with thousands of signs to gather and an empty bank account. In many cases, you quit your jobs to run, and are now left with just a sinking feeling, wondering why you couldn’t get enough people to believe in you.

Thank you again

I extend this to both Republican and Democratic candidates. Without your dedication, we wouldn’t have a system, you put it all on the table for this system and for your beliefs. You are inspiring.

Good Books!

Good Books!

VOTE.  It's Your Privilege.

VOTE. It's Your Privilege.